Where Are the Bucks Fizz Members Now?

There was a time when Bucks Fizz was everywhere. No, not the drink but the successful ‘80s band that wowed audiences with their “Making Your Mind Up”. They are most famous for winning the iconic Eurovision Song Contest in 1981. But, the Bucks Fizz members are so much more than a skirt-ripping gimmick. 

With so many different lineups, they put the likes of Sugababes to shame. So, where are the original Bucks Fizz members now?

Bobby G 

Though part of the original Bucks Fizz that played in Eurovision, Bobby G has since distanced himself from the other three members. After a lengthy court battle against David Van Day in the 90s, the moniker “Bucks Fizz” was filed as a registered UK trademark to his now wife Heidi Manton. 

Bobby now performs under the original name, with his wife and two other singers. In 2021, he turned down the opportunity to reunite with his original Bucks Fizz members for their 40th anniversary, but turned it down due to public fallout. 

Cheryl Baker

Cheryl Baker has had a pretty full career! As one of the original Bucks Fizz members, she almost performed under a different name as the UK’s Eurovision entry. But was beat by the actual entry (Brotherhood of Man), who went on to win in 1976. After the Bucks Fizz’s win, Cheryl shot into stardom and continued to perform with the band until 1993, when she wanted to focus on raising a family. 

But, raising a family has not stopped Cheryl from making her mark on UK TV. She has participated in a variety of reality entertainment, including Popstar to Operastar (in which she came in second place to Joe McElderry), Celebrity Mastermind and the tenth series of Dancing on Ice. Cheryl has also found fame on the stage, performing in hit musicals Footloose (Vi Moore), Seussical the Musical (Mrs Mayor) and Happy Days The Musical (Mrs Cunningham). 

Cheryl continues to perform as The Fizz, with other original Bucks Fizz members Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. 

Mike Nolan

As one of the original Bucks Fizz members, Mike Nolan has been in various lineups of the Eurovision band. He also suffered one of the more severe injuries that occurred in the 1984 coach crash that happened on their tour. Mike fell into a coma for three days and still feels the effects today, including impaired vision and being diagnosed with epilepsy.

Mike does a lot of charity work which raises funds for head injury research. He also in 1993, campaigned for seat belts to be made compulsory on coaches. But, he hasn’t lost his touch with music. Before creating The Fizz with Baker and Aston, Mike also hit fame with his own solo album. Including In My Life (2013) and Rose of Cimarron (2016). 

Jay Aston

Just aged 19, Jay Aston was the youngest member of Bucks Fizz when they won Eurovision in 1981. After the coach crash in 1984, where she was seriously injured, Jay left the band and was unable to have her own solo career, due to a court injunction which was in place for 2 years.

But that has not stopped our Jay! Since the late 90s and early 2000s, Jay toured with her band Aston and set up a performing arts school called The Jay Aston Theatre Arts School. In 2018, she was diagnosed with mouth cancer, for which 40% of her tongue was removed and replaced with her thigh’s tissue. After opening up on Loose Women, Jay has worked through her pain and continued to perform as The Fizz with Mike Nolan and Cheryl Baker.


The Fizz

Jay joined The Fizz in 2009, reuniting with original Bucks Fizz members Mike Nolan and Cheryl Baker. They have since released three albums, including The F-Z of Pop (2017) which reached number 25 and became the highest-charting Bucks Fizz album in 33 years. 

And even the pandemic didn’t stop them! During the 2021 lockdown, The Fizz performed as part of a virtual event when that year’s Eurovision was cancelled. Their 2020 album Smoke & Mirrors entered the Official Albums Charts at number 29 and had high positions in both the Official Sales (number 5) and Vinyl (number 6) charts.



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