Terms & Conditions

All re-bookings must be made through this agency whether by you or any of your associated companies.

  1. Fees: All fees that are payable under any agreement shall be plus VAT (at the current rate and be payable to Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd.  No fees at any time will be payable to any Artist/s directly, without the prior written consent of Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd.  All visas and related costs are to be organised and covered by the booker.

  2. The Artist/s engaged under any Contract or Agreement will perform to the best of their ability at all times and it shall be understood that ALL re-bookings must and will be made through this Agency.
  1. It is agreed that if the Artist/s booked have a television or film commitment not known to the Artist/s or Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd at the time of signing this Booking Agreement and the Terms and Conditions, both the Artist/s and Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd will be unconditionally released from this contract and not be held responsible for any costs of advertising or other costs in relation to the Artist/s appearance. Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd will inform you of any television or film commitments as soon as they are known.
  1. It is agreed that where our Client is performing/appearing with another artist/s, Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd must be informed of all artists appearing for our prior approval.
  1. Illness: In the event of accident or illness preventing the Artist/s from carrying out the booking, Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd shall not be held liable in the event that the Artist/s cannot appear due to accident or illness. However, Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd will use its best endeavours to try and secure the services of another Artist/s, but will not be held liable if they cannot.  Should one of the members of (a band) be ill and unable to attend, the Management reserve the right to put in a deputy band member.
  1. Force Majeure: Celebrity PR shall not be held responsible if the Artist/s cannot appear due to any of the following circumstances: National Mourning, War, Fire, Strikes or Lock-outs, directly affecting the venue or the order for the Licensing or any Public Authority having jurisdiction in any such event, notice must be given to Celebrity PR forthwith.
  1. Cancellations: All cancellations must be received in writing by Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd, with as much notice as practically possible.  The full booking fee (plus VAT ) will become payable if cancellation is made within fourteen working days (14 working days) of the booking date or event.  If cancellation is made between fifteen working days (15 working days) and thirty-one working days (31 working days) prior to the booking date or event, then 50% of the booking fee will be payable (plus VAT ). Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd have the right to cancel this agreement with immediate effect should the clients Company or any of its’ subsidiaries become either insolvent, go into administration or commit a misdemeanour which could reflect badly on our client and look to the client for damages should our client’s reputation be damaged in anyway whatsoever.
  1. Travel: All travel costs for any Artist/s booked through Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd will be paid for by you (the Client) at an amount to be agreed prior to the booking.   It shall be understood that Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd or the Artist/s will not be held responsible for delays, cancellations, breakdowns, industrial disputes which may affect any travel arrangements that are beyond their control.
  1. Deposits: All deposits are non-refundable.
  1. Disputes: The laws of England and Wales will govern any disputes arising from this Agreement.
  1. Advertising and Promotions: No advertising or promotion is allowed under any circumstances using the Artist/s name or image unless Celeb Agents/Celebrity PR Ltd has expressly given permission in writing and have also received a completed signed and engrossed contract.  Any breach of this will render all dealings null and void and damages will be sought.
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