Before They Were Famous: The Chase Cast

At CelebAgents, we are honoured not to just represent one chaser, but three! That’s half of the team! And our clients are the three chasers that have served the longest on the panel. But, what did The Chase cast do before joining the hit ITV quiz show? Find out below. 


Shaun Wallace – The Dark Destroyer

Shaun Wallace was the original Chaser. He was brought in to be the first-ever chaser on the original pilot show. Shaun was born in London and grew up in Wembley. With other nicknames of ‘The Barrister’ and ‘The Legal Eagle’, you shouldn’t be surprised with Shaun’s job. He is still a practising barrister as well as one of the favourite chasers. Shaun was called to the Bar in 1984 and took part in hearings in the iconic Old Bailey and other magistrates’ courts across the UK. Alongside being a British barrister, Shaun is also a member of the Jamaican Bar since 1999, due to his heritage.


However, the law is not Shaun’s only passion. Before joining The Chase cast in 2009, Shaun appeared on a variety of quizshows, including becoming a finalist on the first series of Are You an Egghead?, The Weakest Link and Fifteen to One.  


But it was on BBC’s iconic Mastermind that really brought Shaun Wallace to the attention of the UK public, and the casting producers of ITV The Chase. Shaun became a champion, specialising in FA Cup Finals.


Nowadays, Shaun manages to be both a full-time barrister and a Chaser TV personality, as he continues to appear on The Chase and its spinoff Beat the Chasers

Mark Labbett – The Beast

Part of the original The Chase cast, Mark Labbett was born in Tiverton, Devon. Before becoming the quizzing expert we know today, Mark started his career as a PE and Maths supply teacher in a Welsh secondary school. But, it was from quizzing at the holiday camp, Butlins, that Mark discovered his passion for quizzes.


Before joining The Chase cast in 2009, as part of the original lineup, you might have recognised Mark on various other daytime quiz shows. Between 1996 and 1997, Mark appeared on University Challenge as the captain of the Glamorgan University team, for which they reached the quarter-finals. Since then, he has appeared on Mastermind twice (where his specialist subjects were the Olympic Games and The Simpsons), Who Wants to be a Millionaire (which he took home £32,000) and won Only Connect in 2009. 


From joining ITV’s The Chase cast, Mark has recently made headlines for his incredible weight transformation, in which he lost 10 stone.


Anne Hegerty – The Governess

Though she wasn’t part of the original lineup, both Shaun and Mark have stated they knew the show was going to be a success once our Governess joined The Chase cast. Anne Hegerty was born in Westminster and began her career as a journalist in the 1980s. With a degree in journalism, Anne worked as a reporter for the South Wales Argus before moving to Manchester and becoming a ghostwriter under the alias “Richard Scarry” and proofreader. 


Before becoming a Chaser in 2010, Anne appeared on Mastermind in 1987, where her topic was The Life and Works of Lorenzo Hart. She was also a contestant on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, where she came in 7th.


Since then, Anne has opened up about her struggles with Asperger’s, which she was only diagnosed with at the age of 45. But, she hasn’t let this stop her! Instead, Anne has become an Ambassador for the National Autistic Society and has become both a spokesperson and role model for others struggling with Aspergers Syndrome and autism. 

The Chase

Since its inception in 2009, The Chase has been a popular daytime quiz, attracting more than 100 million viewers each year. So, it should come as no surprise that at this year’s National Television Awards, The Chase has been nominated for Best Daytime Programme for the 8th time. Find out more information about this year’s National Television Awards on our previous blog here!

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