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Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty is one of the Chasers on ITV1’s quiz show The Chase. She is known as The Governess on the show and has also been given the nickname of Frosty Knickers by the presenter Bradley Walsh.

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About Anne Hegerty

Star of ITV’s The Chase, Anne Hegerty is Britain’s best-loved brainy media personality. Featuring on all major quiz shows, Anne is recognized for her superior intelligence and commanding presence on the small screen, however, little known are the personal challenges Anne has overcome in order to make her media career a roaring success. An instantly recognizable figure, Anne is the ideal star to host an occasion, thanks to her experience and subtle humor she is also in demand as a contributor for numerous TV programs.

Best known as one of the ‘Chasers’ on The Chase & Beat The Chaser ITVs popular game show, Anne has showcased her unrivaled smarts as a professional quizzer battling against contestants. Joining the lineup of masterminds in 2010, Anne has been an icon of the series for over a decade and continues to charm audiences with her on-screen steely persona ‘The Governess’, and endless knowledge.

As a formidable professional quizzer, Anne has also appeared on programs including Mastermind, Brain of Britain, and Are You An Egghead?. A woman of many talents, Ann has naturally transitioned into presenting roles due to her popularity among viewers on shows like ‘Britain’s Biggest Family’ and is renowned for her annual pantomime appearances, a role in which her quirky humor is perfectly suited. Professional quizzer, experienced presenter, and well-loved media personality, Anne Hegerty is the ideal star guaranteed to ensure the success of your event as an expert host.

A career in the media offers a wealth of opportunities, however, with an increased profile comes increased engagement with the public and interaction with a vast array of professionals. This element of her career is something Anne has suffered silently with due to being autistic. Not diagnosed until she was forty-five, Anne struggled with social cues and other challenging elements of autism. After embracing her differences as a contestant on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Anne won the heart of the nation and increased much-needed awareness of the disability, proving the only limits are the ones we set for ourselves.

Due to her popularity, Anne was selected in 2015 as one of six ‘chasers’ to appear on The Chase Australia, where she replicated her success and continues to take on quizzers today. Also due to her quick wit and steely persona, being given the nickname ‘Frosty Knickers’ by Bradley Walsh, Anne now hosts her own ITV1 show ‘Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family’

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