The Chase Stars’ Unbelievable Body Transformations

When we think about The Chase, one of the most-loved shows in the history of television, the above-mentioned statement certainly feels right. Remember when the show started airing in the June of 2009, the content started captivating us right from the very first episode on ITV, and we would wait for the next one with oodles of excitement and curiosity. Needless to say, The Chase stars soon became an inseparable part of our lives, and we started looking them up on the internet and in newspaper articles to know more about them and their lives. The unmatched popularity of this superhit quiz program was the reason why the channel launched 14 collections of this show one after the other.

Over the years, the star cast of The Chase has won our hearts with their splendid performances, but another element that has kept us hooked is their glam transformations. All of them went their separate ways in their lives, however, the manner they have evolved since we first saw them has been exceptional. Out of all the six chasers in the show, Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace and Anne Hegerty have especially surprised us with their outstanding body transformations. Today, let’s discuss how each of these celebrities has changed for good as compared to his or her early years! Some of you might be shocked to know that before appearing as our much-loved ‘beast’ on The Chase, Mark Labbett was working as a Maths trainer. All of us would agree that he was the most unique chaser because of his tough looks and incredible height (6 feet, 9 inches), but did you know there was a specific reason why he was named ‘the beast’? Well, his French surname translates to ‘the beast’ in English. In his college days, he was body-shamed with names like ‘Honey Monster’ and ‘Unimaginable Hulk’. In fact, he had to order customized clothes in his adolescent years due to his magnificent height and weight. But who knew that with so many elements working together to match the alter ego on TV, this guy would be known for one of the most drastic celebrity body transformations one day?

We have seen Mark Labbett’s proactive participation in several groups in the UK. He has also performed as a chaser in The Chase’s Australian and American versions. But when we saw him after shedding 10 stones (he dropped down from 29 stones to an unbelievable 19 stones), our hearts definitely skipped a beat. Now, he no more has to get clothes custom-made, and can proudly shop from regular stores around.

Mark Labbett’s body transformation

It has overwhelmed and encouraged countless people who aspire to lose weight. And he gladly shared his weight-loss journey’s secrets with his fans on social media. His followers are also trying to follow his secret weight-loss system by setting up a proper workout regime, cutting down on sugar, and consuming only 2 meals a day. As Mark is struggling with type 2 diabetes, we hope that his brilliant weight loss could help him in every sphere of his life. We know him as one of the most authentic stars of The Chase, an avid quizzer, and an unbiased former MP candidate in London. He’s none other than Shaun Wallace, who appeared as the Darkish Destroyer on The Chase and is well-known for his performances in other TV shows like The Weakest Hyperlink and Mastermind. But apart from his excellent wit and memorable performances, he was never really known for looks until one fine day, he made the jaws of his fans drop with his eye-catching, toned body. As soon as the fellow chaser Paul Sinha posted a picture from behind the scenes, the onlookers couldn’t take their eyes off Shaun’s rock-hard biceps. Shaun Wallace’s body transformation and colourful choice of off-stage clothing earned him the image of a hunky barrister overnight. This chaser with a buff physique is working as a part-time lecturer at present. Recognized as one of the most entertaining chasers, TV star Anne Hegerty was earlier working as a reporter and ghostwriter. She has also appeared in Britain’s Brightest Household and different quiz shows that were made on the line of Mind of Britain, Are You an Egghead, and Mastermind. Anne Hegerty Celebrity body transformation or weight loss started getting noticed when she joined ‘I am A Celeb’ as a participant. Her exemplary weight loss of 3 stones in mere 3 weeks, and use of lenses in place of eyeglasses not only added to her confidence but also to her fan base as a celebrity. Just like Mark, Shaun, and Anne, other The Chase stars including Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan, and Darragh Ennis also made it to the headlines for their amazing body transformations. Not only did The Chase stars’ weight loss become a media sensation, but their ripped body and acceptance of natural beauty standards also grabbed the attention of millions of fans. Let’s hope that their hard work and stardom continue to drive us all to our fitness and life goals!

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