Steven Saunders Creates The Odessa Project To Help Ukrainian Refugees

In the 1970s, Chef Steven Saunders received training at London’s renowned Savoy Hotel. In 1981, he was appointed Britain’s youngest-ever Chef Patron at the White Hart in Great Yeldham, a privately owned hotel and restaurant in North Essex. This title, held by Steven when he was 19, has never been replaced. With the help of Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher on her young entrepreneur’s business plan, Steven purchased his first restaurant, The Pink Geranium, in 1986 while still in his early twenties after serving as Chef Patron for a number of years. Now, in 2022 he has created a project called The Odessa Project. It is a solution to quickly integrate Ukrainian refugees into the UK with jobs in hospitality, salaries, and housing available nationwide.


What is The Odessa Project?

The Odessa Project is a scheme that is made for Ukrainian refugees. Steven Saunders created it in light of the Ukrainian war that began earlier this year. The project is supposed to help refugees come into the UK more manageable, as they will become more independent. With the help of the project, refugees will be able to work within hospitality and be provided with accommodation. This means that they will be able to rebuild their lives whether it is for a short or long period of time.


What is Steven Saunders’ aim?

Steven Saunders has claimed that he aims to bring 1000 refugees into the UK and get them a job within the hospitality industry. Saunders has named this project after a city in Ukraine that he loves and visits regularly, therefore this project’s aim is on a more personal level to Steven. As the country is currently desperate for hospitality staff, especially as we are in the post-covid era, Saunders wants to take advantage of this opportunity to get people security and safety. In addition to this, Steven is helping further by holding charity events to raise funds for the Unicef Ukraine appeal. They aim to raise thousands!


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Saunders was trained at the famous Savoy Hotel in London during the seventies and went on to become Britain’s youngest-ever Chef Patron of a privately owned hotel and restaurant in North Essex. For further information regarding Steven, please call Celeb Agents on the telephone at: 0203 198 2200. Alternatively, follow Celeb Agents on Instagram to keep up to date with our latest news and clients. 

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