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Rebeckah Vaughan is a 38-year-old canine behavior expert from Liverpool with a flair for pampering the nation’s pets.

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About Rebeckah Vaughan

Rebeckah Vaughan is a 38 year old canine behaviour expert from Liverpool with a flair for pampering the nations pets. Her charisma and proficiency has earned her a successful media career spanning over a decade. Appearing on daytime TV, panel shows, reality TV , podcasts, radio and in the press regularly. Rebeckah is a favoured guest, always engaging, energetic and friendly.

Rebeckah has a dedicated following and a very popular column in Vanity Furr. She appears regularly in the media giving advice on how to care for your dog, her belief is that by educating people to be better owners she can reduce the number of dogs ending up in rescue.

Often referred to as “The Fairy Dog Mother” Rebeckah’s approach to dog training and behaviour is fun, kind and positive, much like her persona.

Rebeckah is the founder of the UK’s first and biggest award winning Luxury Dog Hotel aptly called “No More Kennels. ” As well as providing pampered pooches with luxury boarding, doggy daycare and spa treatments. She owns the UK’s one and only Pet Porsche, she has a 1 year waiting list for private dog training and is in high demand for her top tips for dog owners.

A press favourite, Rebeckah appears regularly alongside the dogs she cares for. It is her aspiration to reach a wider audience and engage with pet owners far and wide. Rebeckah is often booked to appear at dog festivals, dog shows and charity events.

Rebeckah also gives her time and expertise to pet charities. Rebeckah believes that dogs saved her life and that saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog, the world can change forever.

Rebeckah started her career as a Bluecoat, she attended The Liverpool Theatre School and opened a dance school for under privileged children. This is where she found her love of being on stage. It laid the perfect foundations for her successful media career making her the quintessential personality for entertainment.

As an out and out powerhouse who manages to remain down to earth due to her charming Scouse wit, Rebeckah brings both laughter and comfort to each person she meets.

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