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Dominic O’Brien

Dominic O'Brien World Memory Champion

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8 Times World Memory Champion

Dominic O’Brien is the eight-time winner of the World Memory Championships.

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About Dominic O’Brien

Since he began developing his memory, Dominic has gained many prestigious titles. He has won many entries in “The Guinness Book of Records.”

He was named “Brain of the Year 1994” and was awarded the title “Grand Master of Memory” by the Brain Trust of Great Britain in October 1995 — presented to him by Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein.

Some of the programs he has appeared on are “How Do They Do That?,” “Oprah,” “You Bet,” “Guinness World of Records,” “Magic & Mystery,” “Tomorrow’s World,” “Are You Superhuman?,” and, of course, “Record Breakers.”

Dominic O'Brien 8 X World Memory Champion

In 1995 Dominic was the subject of ITV’s “Network First’s Fear” and “Counting Las Vegas.”
Dominic set a new world record in August 2000 at the WMC by memorizing perfectly a random sequence of 316 numbers in just 5 minutes. That’s faster than 1 digit per second. He is the inventor of the Dominic System, a powerful technique to rapidly access the power of memory.

He has memorized a huge variety of information including all the FA Cup final results (with scorers, attendance, venue, and referee).

Every Number One hit since 1952 (with not only the artist but the date and the number of weeks at the top). all trivial pursuit questions and answers.

His publications include ‘How to Develop a Perfect Memory’, ‘How to Pass Exams’, ‘Super Memory Power’, ‘Learn to Remember’ ‘Quantum Memory Power’, ‘The Winning Hand’ and ‘The Amazing Memory Box’.

An evening with Dominic O’Brien is a unique experience and can be tailor-made to client’s needs including the pre-memorization of many facts and figures about the company or indeed the people attending i.e. wives’ names, how many children they have, nicknames, bad habits, etc…

In Spite of his incredible achievements, Dominic is not some grey suited boffin, but is in fact a lively, entertaining comical speaker.

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