Dr. Arthur Cassidy

 Dr Arthur Cassidy is a well established Celebrity Psychologist known as “Dr Arthur” who has made a dynamic and energetic impact to contemporary television programmes by bringing a fresh insight into psychological aspects of a wide range of topics on human behaviour seen in today’s terrestrial channels. 

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He is a trained TV presenter and has many years of broadcasting experience across BBC World Service , Sky News, ITV and Sky Atlantic, RTE. Arthur has been  seen as a specialist contributor to the 2018 ITV Documentary “ Prince Harry: Four Royal Weddings.” He brings psychological perspectives and informed content to viewers on the personality and lifestyles of the young royals as celebrities, and is the UK’s leading psychological expert on the young Royals in particular the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

With an academic background in social and political science Arthur has a deep interest in the personality and underlying motives that drives our top politicians and world leaders. He is frequently invited to broadcast on Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin and many others on the world stage. As the UK’s leading celebrity psychologist he explores the hidden motives and personality traits of these high profile world leaders but can also see beyond the exterior and probe the depths of their mindset.

Arthur enjoys bringing fresh and relevant information to viewers on all aspects of mental health  and therapies having been working in his own Mental Health Charity for the past fifteen years. He is particularly knowledgeable in Celebrities mental health and relationships and the impact of reality TV on their psychological health and wellbeing.

Arthur is a highly qualified British psychologist with degrees in Political Psychology and also Health Psychology, together with specialist research interests in the scientific study of personality and Identities online and offline. He holds honours degrees from the University of Ulster, and his Postgraduate research Doctorate from the Queens University of Belfast in adolescent mental Health.  Dr. Arthur is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and he has taught, lectured and examined in various specialities within psychology in Universities and was a visiting Lecturer to the Hong Kong Polytechnic.

Arthur was born in Co Armagh Northern Ireland just a mile away from Gloria Hunniford. Indeed they both had their voices trained in the same local Anglican choir, Gloria as a soprano and Arthur as an Irish tenor.


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