The Chase’s Governess, aka Anne Hegerty, is in the hot seat as she hosts a brand new 30-minute quiz show where sixteen brilliantly bright families from across the country take part in a knock out tournament to win the coveted title of Britain’s Brightest Family and a holiday of a life time.

But all is not what it seems – there’s a twist. In this game it’s not just what you know that’s important but also what you think your family knows. Players must nominate a family member to answer the questions. How well do our families know each other? In this bright new series we’ll find out.

What is Britain’s Brightest Family?

Anne explains what the show is all about: “It’s a knockout competition to find Britain’s brightest family. Sixteen families going up against each other to face challenges including word and number puzzles, problem-solving and general knowledge skills. Each team has been selected by its teenage captain, so it’s a chance for the whole family to show what they know, and how well they know each other.”

Did she think we’re a nation of genius’ or dummies? “Oh, I have no misgivings about our future given the quality of the teams who competed. Some terrifically bright families and some especially smart and confident under-16s. Several of them will be quizzers to be reckoned with in years to come.”

Adding: “The quality was so high overall. As someone who struggles a bit with maths, it was particularly impressive for me to see how well some of the contestants did in the number rounds, especially under time pressure.”

Does she find there’s a north south divide in intelligence? “Absolutely not. We had families from all over, from Scotland to the South Coast, and every part of the country put up a great showing.”

Did she pick get any tips from the families that would help improve intelligence? “The families that did best had strong, confident adults who’d brought up happy assertive children who thrived on competition and loved learning things. That’s the sort of family I’d love to see more of!”

On making the move to ITV prime time, she says: “It’s a bit of a responsibility being the filling in a Coronation Street sandwich [in the ITV evening schedule]. But it’s lovely to be trusted with such an amazing opportunity.”

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