A Memoir To Anita Harris’ Husband: A Look Back On Their Relationship

Mike Margolis, the husband of Anita Harris, passed away at the age of 84 in early May this year. Margolis had served as the record producer and manager for Harris during the 1960s when she gained recognition as a Carry On actress after her success with the Cliff Adams Singers. Following their professional collaboration, Margolis and Harris tied the knot in 1973.


Regrettably, Margolis passed away on a Saturday morning, shortly after the couple had joyously celebrated their golden wedding anniversary merely a week prior.


Who is Mike Margolis? 


Mike Margolis, a well-known director and writer, gained recognition for his notable works including “The Casebooks of Verity Lake,” “Jumbleland” (1970), and “The Casebooks of Verity Lake” (2009). Margolis was married to Anita Harris before his unfortunate demise.


A Look Back On Their Relationship


Anita and Mike enjoyed a marriage spanning more than 45 years since their wedding in 1973. 


Interestingly, Anita has openly shared that she initially turned down Mike’s initial marriage proposal. However, their love story took a different turn when Anita accepted a proposal in Marbella.


In numerous interviews, Anita Harris frequently reflects on how meeting her husband became the pinnacle of her career and how they mutually flourished within the music industry. 


She also speaks candidly about the profound love they share, emphasising that their unwavering affection for each other kept her going. 


Did Anita Harris and Mike Have Kids?


In short, no. Anita Harris and her husband did not have kids. She often tells the press that they would have loved to have kids, but ‘it wasn’t God’s plan’. She has also revealed that she lost 3 babies, and often reflects on what it would have been like to be a mum. 


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