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The debate goes on….. With or without – that is the question ???????????

The 24-year-old beauty OLIVIA BUCKLAND became irritated when an unkind statement was made regarding her appearance both with and without cosmetics – leading to Olivia blasting the ‘vile’ and ‘awful’ girl

This leads to the age old question of what do men and women REALLY prefer – with or without make-up ? image001

Since departing the villa, the Essex-born beauty has been using her social media accounts as a platform to promote her beauty regimen and fashion choices. 

While many of her videos and images go down a storm, it seems Olivia faced some difficulties earlier this week when she shared a video in which she sported a fresh face seemingly only touched up with foundation but no eye make-up. 

Following the publication of the clip, a Tweeter took to the microblogging site to write: ‘The thing about Olivia Buckland is she’s super hot with make up! And just super not without ://///// had to be said’.

Olivia’s comments………

‘Well my super hot boyfriend don’t seem to mind my bare face… rude little girl’

Personally, I think she looks lovely with or without as there is always a time and place for both.



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