Sandi Thom: Where Is She Now?

You might remember the Scottish singer, Sandi Thom from her most iconic hit, I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, released in October 2005. However, not many people may know what she’s been up to the last few years. Although it is obvious that motherhood is her top concern, many people are unaware of the other things she gets up to. Let’s take a look.



Sandi relocated to London in 2004 to further her career. In 2005, she agreed to a contract with the indie music publisher Pacific Music. She did this in late 2005 when she released her well-known track, ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker’. Her audiences at gigs quickly rised from 70 guests to 70,000, after the release of her first album ‘Smile… It Confuses People’. Fast forward a few years later, she releases her second album, ‘The Pink & The Lily’, many journalists doubted this release but it went onto being number 25 on the UK top 100 charts.

What Is Sandi Thom Doing Now?


Since the beginning of the 2000s, Sandi Thom has not stopped. In addition to having a child and continuing her music career, she has also become a dog rescuer and has taken a keen interest in staying fit and healthy. A busy woman! Let’s examine these in more depth.

Rescuing Dogs


Saving abandoned dogs is a clear passion of Sandi’s that is displayed across all of her social media platforms. She works tirelessly to increase public awareness of shelter dogs and the advantages of rehoming older or abused animals. She has appeared in The Vegan Life magazine where she has been praised for her amazing work. As well, she can be seen working at the Bahrain Animal Rescue Centre, where she assists in finding the ideal home for rescued dogs and restores their health and fitness. 



Sandi’s last album was released in 2019, with her latest single being released in 2022. On her Instagram, she continuously teases towards a new album. She has made several covers available on Spotify for fans to enjoy while they wait impatiently for new music during the time that this has been in the works. Additionally, she still regularly performs at numerous gigs in front of throngs of adoring fans, proving that she has still got it!



On Sandi’s Instagram, we can see that she is very into her yoga, cardio, and overall just keeping fit. She has a highlight on her profile dedicates to her progress, where she showcases her toned physique. 


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