Patsy Kensit Talks Out About Her Menopause Symptoms

At the age of 45, Patsy Kensit started to suffer from memory loss which made her anxious about the possibility of having dementia. 


She had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy due to tumours found by doctors, which resulted in her experiencing severe brain fog. This condition made her disoriented and forgetful about her daily activities. However, it was later discovered that the hysterectomy had pushed her into menopause, leading to a complete lack of progesterone, low levels of oestrogen, and a critical vitamin D deficiency.


Now, at 55 years old, Patsy has implemented a personalised hormone regime and has successfully navigated through menopause. She aims to increase awareness about menopause and its effects by speaking at Postcards From Midlife Live, where women of a similar age will come together to discuss various topics including relationships, wellness, beauty, fitness, and finance.


Conscious Plus


Patsy Kensit utilises her Instagram page for Conscious Plus to increase awareness about women’s health and ageing. She actively engages with women of all ages by emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusivity. 


Through her platform, she aims to tackle the societal pressure on women to conform to certain beauty standards and break down the stigma associated with ageing in the media.


What is Patsy Kensit Doing Now?

Following her departure from the popular British soap opera Eastenders, she decided to take a well-deserved break and jet off to the picturesque Maldives for some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. Since then, she has been sharing glimpses of her luxurious vacation on social media, as well as proudly flaunting her love for her teenage son, Lennon Gallagher.


Despite her high-profile career in the entertainment industry, she has remained enigmatic and unpredictable when it comes to her next career move. While fans and followers eagerly await news of her next project, the element of surprise and anticipation only adds to the excitement and intrigue surrounding her future endeavours.


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