Pascal Craymer Looking Absolutely Fabulous @ The National Film Awards – 2017

Pascal Craymer was looking fabulous at the 2017’s National Film Awards  

All eyes where on Pascal with her dazzling silver and black ‘Lady Suit & Tie’

The National Film Academy (NFA) was founded in 1999 and went on to launch The National Film Awards in 2015 as an annual The National Film Awardsawards ceremony celebrating the achievements of established and independent film makers, actors, actresses, casting directors, production companies and crew who make up the motion picture industry.

The National Film Awards is scheduled to produce 4 award ceremonies annually in the United Kingdom , United States , South America, Africa and Australia. All nominations and voting for the NFA are submitted and voted for by movie fans. National Film Academy has as it’s core mission to support, develop, promote and celebrate the achievements of the motion picture industry worldwide. The Academy has now over 275,000 members worldwide and runs a year-round programme of premieres, festivals, seminars, conferences, educational events including film screenings and tribute evenings.

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