How to Successfully Manage A Celebrity Social Media Account

Learn How To Manage a Celebrity Social Media Account

Some people may be surprised to learn that not every celebrity manages their own social media. Like the man behind the curtain, a social media manager most likely will be running a celebrity’s social media account to make sure that the online persona they are portraying meets their fan base’s expectations. Also, celebrities probably won’t have the time to keep a constant social media account. Especially with their own appearances, celebrity endorsements and other film or TV jobs.


That’s where a celebrity marketing agency, and more specifically, a social media manager can help. So, let’s take a look at some top tips on how to successfully manage a celebrity social media account and how Celeb Agents can help! 

Be Candid

Your honesty should be your top priority. Whether this is through personal candid posts, or celebrity endorsements on products they are passionate about. It’s important that the celebrity’s social media reflects them as a person. The social media profile should have a mix of content, but overall, display the same tone throughout.


Why not let the celebrity write their own posts and send them to a social media manager for approval for full authenticity? Or, leave it to the professionals and find a celebrity talent agency that can manage various accounts.

Engage With Fans

When it comes to social media, it is important to remember that it is a conversation, not a one-way broadcast. Although certain celebrities may have too big of a fanbase to reply to each individual comment, there still should be an effort to engage with the celebrity’s followers. They will feel appreciated and consequently, your celebrity will come across as more approachable. 

Choose Social Media Platforms

A celebrity’s social media presence is a crucial tool for marketing, promotion, and building a relationship with their audience. It’s not a case of “If you post it, they will come”. No, you need to go to where the celebrity’s fans are.


For instance, Instagram excels at giving users a close-up look at what goes on behind the scenes. Snapchat uses both video and messages in the same way. Twitter puts you in immediate contact with your followers and allows you to have real-time conversations. For younger audiences, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms out there. A great way to get on the latest trends, showcase celebrity endorsements and go live to interact with fans.

Blue Tick

In a social media-centred world, a blue tick is everything. The small blue checkmark signifies to users that the profile is legitimately them and not a copycat or hoax account. Verification is important, especially for celebrity endorsements. If they aren’t already, social media managers should make sure that their celebrity is verified on all accounts that they are active on and that the tick is included on each profile.


Here at Celeb Agents, we offer services for obtaining blue verification statuses on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To speak to one of our experts today, give us a call on 020 3198 2200.

Celeb Agents

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