How The Atwal-Brice Family Use Their Platform to Raise Awareness of Disabilities

Disabilities come in various forms and can affect individuals and their families in numerous ways. But some families turn their personal experiences into a powerful platform to raise awareness, advocate for change, and promote inclusivity. The Atwal-Brice family is one such family that has dedicated themselves to using their platform to raise awareness of disabilities and create positive change in society.


Who are The Atwal-Brice Family? 


Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice, fathers to two sets of identical twins named Levi, Lucas, Lotan, and Lance, reside in South Yorkshire. Their family is unique, as they are actively involved in advocating for disability awareness, with Levi and Lucas experiencing Autism, Epilepsy, and other disabilities. 


They have established a strong network of contacts in the charity and media sectors, serving as ambassadors for organisations such as Caudwell Children’s charity and My Afk charity, with a focus on assisting disabled children across the UK.


The Atwal-Brice Family has been featured on popular television programs, including BBC ONE’s highly rated Christmas special, ‘Shop Well for Less’, which addressed topics such as same-sex parenting, adoption, fostering, and disability. They are frequently invited to speak on national TV and radio, sharing insights on epilepsy, autism, same-sex parenting, adoption, fostering, and other relevant issues. 


Additionally, they actively participate in promotional videos for various charities and organisations on these topics.


How They Use Their Platform to Raise Awareness on Disabilities

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Atwal-Brice family is their unwavering commitment to raising awareness about disabilities and advocating for inclusivity. They believe that individuals with disabilities should be treated with dignity and respect, and should have the same opportunities as anyone else to thrive in society. They are passionate about breaking down barriers and challenging misconceptions surrounding disabilities.


The Atwal-Brice family uses various platforms to raise awareness and advocate for change. They are very active on social media, where they share their family’s journey, challenges, and triumphs. Through their social media accounts, they provide insights into the daily lives of individuals with disabilities, including the joys, struggles, and achievements. They also use their platforms to share information about Lowe syndrome and other disabilities, debunk myths, and promote disability awareness campaigns.


Another significant way the Atwal-Brice family raises awareness of disabilities is through education. They believe that knowledge is power, and by educating others about disabilities, they can help dispel misconceptions and create a more inclusive society. They work with schools, community organisations, and other groups to provide educational workshops and presentations on disabilities, focusing on topics such as empathy, understanding, and inclusion. 


Their Impact


The impact of the Atwal-Brice family’s advocacy work is evident in the positive changes they have helped bring about. They have successfully influenced local policies to improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities in their community. Their advocacy work has also inspired other families with disabilities to speak up, share their stories, and create positive change in their communities.


The Atwal-Brice family’s advocacy work goes beyond raising awareness of disabilities; it is also about promoting inclusivity and empowering individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential. They are strong proponents of the social model of disability, which focuses on addressing societal barriers rather than individual impairments. 


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