Ashley Brinkman

Ashley Brinkman is an American actress from Los Angeles, California. She has numerous credits in film, TV and commercials. 

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 Ashley Brinkman is an American actress living in Los Angeles in California the heart of the entertainment industry.

Ashley has made her mark with performances in Lifetime’s Deadly Yoga Retreat and Influenced to Kill. She has also appeared in numerous Hallmark-style family films, including The Maltese Holiday, Royal Runaways, and Joy & Hope.

Ashley has worked on several independent horror films such as Malibu Horror Story and Blue Call, showcasing her versatility. In addition to her work in film, Ashley has also starred in multiple drama mini-series and TV series, including the comedy Group and family drama Welcome to Hope.

Her acting journey began at the esteemed Playhouse West in Los Angeles, founded by Jeff Goldblum and Robert Carnegie, where she refined her skills in Sanford Meisner’s technique under the guidance of some of the industry’s best.

Her commitment to learning has led her to study with other notable acting coaches in LA, including John Rosenfeld and Diana Castle, and at the comedy juggernaut Upright Citizens Brigade.

In addition to acting, Ashley has been a host and red-carpet interviewer for Hollywire. She was also an internet personality for Maria Menounos’ company Afterbuzz, breaking down TV shows and conducting interviews with principal cast members. 

Outside of acting, Ashley’s passion for wellness is evident in her dedication to pilates and yoga, for which she is pursuing certifications.

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