A Look Back At  Lisa Gorgin’s Career

Lisa Gorgin is a British actress best known for her role in the long-running British television series “The Bill.” Born in London in 1980, Lisa was always interested in acting. After completing her studies, she began her career as a stage actress. Her talent soon caught the attention of television and film producers, and she went on to make her screen debut in 2005 with a minor role in the film “Proof.”


Lisa Gorgin’s Acting Career


In 2006, Lisa was cast in the popular British television series “The Bill,” which followed the lives of police officers working in the Metropolitan Police Service. She played the role of Detective Constable Kate Spears and quickly became a fan favourite for her natural and convincing performance. Her character was well-received by audiences, and Lisa’s work on the show helped her establish herself as a talented and versatile actress.


Lisa’s performance in “The Bill” was widely praised, and she received several award nominations for her work on the show. Her popularity and talent soon caught the attention of film producers, and she went on to make her film debut in the romantic comedy “Music and Lyrics,” which starred Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. This film was a commercial success, and Lisa’s performance was well-received by both audiences and critics.


Recent Work


She most recently filmed for BBC’s EastEnders, playing the role of Angela. Angela made her debut on June 15, 2021, Part 1 and her final appearance on February 11, 2022. Lisa Gorgin’s character, Angela, runs Fat Blasters class at Walford Community Centre. She is seen weighing Bernadette Taylor as she tries to lose weight to try and be Rainie Highway and Stuart Highway’s surrogate. She meets Mick while participating in speed dating at Ruby’s. Additionally, her attire for the occasion, including her hairstyle and fashion sense, is similar to Linda’s. Linda is Mick’s ex-partner. 


West End And UK Theatre Credits


  • Lisa – Wastewater
  • Janine Williams – Bluebird
  • Chesty Prospects – Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens
  • Ms Bell – Fame
  • Wendy-Jo – Footloose
  • Janet/Columbia – The Rocky Horror Show
  • Patty Simcox – Grease

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