Patsy Kensit Stars in New Film “Renegades”

Patsy Kensit, a writer, actress, and former Eighth Wonder member, recently shared her most recent project on Instagram. The actress revealed that she is starring in a new film, called ‘Renegades’. The filming for the new crime action thriller film began last year, and Patsy revealed the trailer only last week. In her post, she stated that she “loved working on this movie with such an amazing cast and crew”. The movie also stars the likes of Janine Nerissa, Lee Majors, Danny Trejo, and Nick Khan. 


‘Renegades’, produced by Shogun Films, follows the story of a retired soldier who was murdered by an international drug gang in London. The film is directed by action movie veteran filmmaker Daniel Zirilli and written by Tom Jolliffe, with a story by Jonathan Sothcott, who also produced. The film is set to release early next year, with eager fans expressing their excitement all over social media. 


Patsy Kensit plays the role of ‘Judy Carver’, though we do not know much about the role we see her in the official trailer stating that her dad was murdered. This tense line raises the possibility that she is the daughter of the deceased soldier. This role seems to be akin to others she has played, demonstrating her ability to immerse herself fully in each role despite the tense setting.


Patsy’s Previous Roles


Patsy’s acting career has been constantly growing since she was a young girl. She first debuted on our screens in 1974, with Leonardo DiCaprio, as Pamela Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Yet, she is most known for her role in the 1989 film Lethal Weapon 2. In this film, she plays Rika van den Haas, the protagonist’s secretary and girlfriend.


The actress last appeared in a movie in 2021 for The Pebble and the Boy; prior to that, she hadn’t been on a set since she portrayed Rachel in The Magic Door in 2007. She took a 14-year break from acting, yet it is barely visible because of how well she consistently performs. It’s hardly surprising that many critics predict it will be a success in theatres! 


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Patsy Kensit is a fantastic artist and she holds the view that strong work ethics are essential for success in the entertainment industry. She is an amazing person who is not only very professional but also has a humanitarian side. She recently served as a representative for the charity “Future Dreams,” which helps breast cancer patients. This was in memory of her mother who died of breast cancer in 1993. To keep up to date with Patsy, as well as our other Clients, check out our Instagram

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