Jo O’Meara: What Is She Doing Now?

Jo O’Meara, renowned singer, songwriter, and actor, gained fame as a member of the well-known pop group S Club 7. She continues to delight audiences with her captivating performances, showcasing her talent through appearances and singing engagements. With her enduring glamour, Jo O’Meara remains a captivating figure in the entertainment industry


What else has she been up to?


Who is Jo O’Meara? 


Jo O’Meara served as one of the lead vocalists in S Club 7 and contributed to the group’s success. 


In addition to her singing career, she also appeared in the television series “Miami 7,” which followed the fictionalised lives of the band members. The show was a part of the group’s multimedia success, which included albums, merchandise, and a feature film.


After S Club 7 disbanded in 2003, O’Meara pursued a solo career but experienced limited success. 


In 2007, she gained significant media attention when she participated in the reality television show “Celebrity Big Brother” in the United Kingdom. 


What is Jo O’Meara Doing Now?


Jo O’Meara recently underwent a series of excruciating back surgeries. She had to undergo a procedure to remove a portion of a disc in her back due to waking up in intense pain. As a result, she was unable to engage in much activity for several months while she focused on recovering from the surgery.


Following the unfortunate passing of Paul Cattermole earlier this year, Jo and the remaining band members had to cancel their scheduled tour. Originally planned to take place this year, the tour had to be called off due to the tragic loss they experienced.


Keeping an active presence on various social media platforms, Jo O’Meara frequently treats her followers to a variety of engaging content. From sharing captivating singing videos and delightful selfies to capturing moments of family enjoyment, she keeps her fans entertained and connected. 


Additionally, Jo O’Meara utilises these platforms to make exciting announcements about upcoming events, further fueling anticipation among her dedicated supporters.


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